Two BPUMS researchers are among the top 2% of scientists in the world

10/14/2023 10:00:00 AM
According to the data published by the Stanford University research team, two researchers from Bushehr University of Medical Sciences were among the list of 2% of the world's top scientists in 2022 with the highest impact in technological fields, said Dr. Akram Farhadi, Vice President of Research and Technology of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences.

Every year, Stanford University's research team selects people who are influential in their fields as 1% scientists and 2% scientists based on the "composite citation index”, Said Dr. Farhadi.
According to the report of Stanford University experts, which was done by working on Scopus data, the list of the most cited scientists in all fields and the top 2% of scientific fields were identified and introduced, in which Dr. Bahman Ramavandi and Dr. Sina Dobradran, researchers of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, were in the list of top two percent scientists in the world in 2022, added Dr. Farhadi.
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