Pregnancy myths: What to believe and what not to

4/22/2015 8:00:00 AM
Derived from Iran-Daily Health Desk, after one comes across the news of a positive pregnancy, all that one can feel is happiness and excitement. Pregnancy is certainly the most beautiful period of a woman's life. But, one has to be cautious to support a healthy pregnancy. The way you care for yourself early in pregnancy has a great impact on your baby's development.

But this doesn't mean that you get scared and believe in anything and everything as pregnancy is the time when you get unsolicited advice from almost everyone you meet, Zee News said.
Here are a few myths associated with pregnancy:
Myth 1: If you have a craving for sweet foods it means you're having a boy and if you crave for spicy and salty foods then a girl is expected.
Fact: This is the most common myth associated with pregnancy. Studies have suggested that cravings are an internal body mechanism and have nothing to do with the sex of the baby.
Myth 2: Once you are pregnant, advices from all corners pour in that you should eat for two.
Fact: The fact is that you just need to eat a balanced diet so that the baby gets all the nutrients. You no way need to eat for two as you just need 300 calories extra and eating more will only make you overweight and may lead to some complications.
Myth 3: Don't exercise when you are pregnant.
Fact: Yes it is advised by the doctor to not to exert yourself much but one should continue doing daily routine jobs and also indulge in light exercises as advised by your gynecologist during pregnancy as it will only ease pregnancy symptoms like backache, breathlessness and others.
Myth 4: Your second baby will be a C-section baby if you’ve had one before.
Fact: In most of the cases, yes. The chances of natural birth in second delivery are less, but it is not completely true and depends on individual cases as many women have been able to do so successfully.
Myth 5: First babies are generally born after the due date.
Fact: It cannot be generalized as it depends from one mother-to-be to another. It is observed that in about 60 percent of the cases babies arrive after their due date, 5 percent on their due date and 35 percent arrive early. But, only your gynecologist can tell you about this.
Myth 6: You will get stretch marks during pregnancy as it is a natural resultant of it.
Fact: It is not completely true and depends on the individual. Certain studies have shown that using stretch marks creams and oils can help you keep them at bay but you may still get them as there is no proof.
Myth 7: Your delivery is linked to your mother's delivery so if she had an easy pregnancy and delivery, so will you.
Fact: It is completely a myth as your mother's delivery has nothing to with yours. It totally depends on your diet and the kind of lifestyle you follow during your pregnancy that will determine how your delivery will be.


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